Doorboost for brands, manufacturers and associations

With the Doorboost Partner Programme and Content Management system, you lead your trading partners into the digital age. This not only increases sales in the short term but also creates a sustainable competitive advantage.

The campaign process from a brands perspective


Together with their Doorboost contact, brands can easily plan and budget local campaigns and then automatically alert retail partners to the campaigns available.



In the platform, the brand makes the campaigns available to the retail partners. These can then be individualized and booked by participants. Individualization includes defining the advertising radius, advertising budget, and certain characteristics of the target audience.


Our software places and perfects local campaigns according to demand. The advertising budgets are optimized throughout the course of the campaign based on the goal set, so that each participant generates the maximum result from the budget used.



The platform provides information and details on the campaign results. This includes, among other things, current data on the actual local scope of activity, generated results, participant quotas, or budgets used. The details can be individualized for each brand.

What our customers say

LEICHT trading partners generate >10,000 leads per year

"Doorboost has helped us gain control over our digital advertising efforts. Through the platform, we can target potential customers, guide them to our retail partners' showrooms and measure whether our campaigns actually lead to LEICHT kitchen purchases."

Stefan Waldenmaier
Managing Director


Reached >10 million people in the direct vicinity of the showrooms

928,000 website visitors generated for trading partners

>10,000 pre-qualified leads generated


Increase in monthly visitors by 362

Increase conversions per month by 26%

Reduction of the bounce rate by 12.7%.

QLOCKTWO increased monthly visitors by 362%.

"Since the beginning of our cooperation with Doorboost, we have been able to significantly increase targeted website visitors. In addition, Doorboost helps us to expand into new countries in a targeted and efficient way with local campaigns for our retail partners."

Jens Adamik
Managing Director
QLOCKTWO Manufacture GmbH

ROLF BENZ retailers generate > 20 million consumers reached

"We offer Doorboost for our worldwide retailer network. In this way, we offer our partners the opportunity to book professional and measurably successful digital advertising campaigns and achieve high visibility in their direct radius."

Simon Wachsmann
Manager Retail Marketing National/International


> over 102 dealer campaigns so far

> over 20 million consumers reached

> +5,100 qualified leads generated

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