We rely on trade

We know that trade plays a central role in our economy. In recent years, however, the marketing situation has changed considerably: Manufacturers increasingly lack direct contact with end customers, while retailers lack the budget and know-how to successfully advertise online. With our interdisciplinary team of marketing experts and software developers, we have created a solution that allows brands and manufacturers to advertise together in a unique way.

We speak your language

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in responsible positions in retail. This makes us uniquely qualified to create a connection between brands and retail partners.

Our values

Interdisciplinary teams
Openness for innovation
Desire for challenges
Continuing education for all
Passion for trade
Positive attitude

We have our finger on the pulse

With offices in Berlin, Germany and New York, USA, no innovation, trend or new platform passes us by. When you rely on Doorboost, you don't have to worry about missing out on an important platform, feature or trend.

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