Doorboost for retailers

With Doorboost you increase your local digital presence via access to professional, inexpensive and individualized advertising campaigns - even without any technical expertise.

The campaign process for retailers


Your individual advertising account provides you with a complete overview of your online advertising campaign and all important details. If necessary, you can easily make adjustments, such as defining the radius, advertising budget, as well as certain characteristics of the target audience.



As soon as you are completely satisfied with your campaign, you can start it - with just one click. Doorboost will then automatically place your advertising campaign on the specified advertising platforms and show it to the right target audience in the direct vicinity of your company.


Our software and team analyze and optimize your campaigns from the start. The advertising budgets are optimized during the course of the campaign based on the goal you've defined so that your company generates the maximum amount of results from the budget used.



The platform provides you with up-to-date information and reports on the campaign results at any time. This includes current data and breakdowns of the most important performance indicators, target groups, ad formats and registrations and appointments generated to date.

Your advantages

Simple use

Instead of creating campaigns via complicated interfaces of the various advertising platforms, you can quickly launch your advertising campaigns on all major platforms with just one click - wholly transparent and without technical expertise.

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Measurable results

Via your Doorboost advertising account, you can track the results of your campaign in a measurable way at any time and understand exactly which advertising measures work particularly well. From the click on your ad via your website or landing page to the visit to your showroom.

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Time saving

Doorboost places and optimizes campaigns for you automatically. This saves you time and money and frees you up to take care of the customers visiting your showroom.

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